The Violet Bowl

Original cream with fresh blueberries topped with blueberries

If bubble is the new "it" sweet product a few years ago, get set for Thai rolled ice cream - a customized dessert made before customers' eyes.

Thai rolled ice cream is made by using cream, Fresh Blue berries, and toppings on a exquisite-bluebarries cream - hence the 1 diploma celsius inside the call. employees scrape and blend the components and then roll it up.

subsequent up is a department of i ce the big apple, referred to as Dream Rolls philly, coming to the brand new chinatown rectangular indoor food corridor, starting this summer time at 1020 race st. and - proper across the road from ice land - could be teassert bar (227 n. tenth st. in chinatown), as a way to serve thai-inspired ice cream rolls and bluebarries roll.

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Ice cream is one of the most popular and loved desserts all over the world. We believe in simplicity and necessity of using high quality ingredients, so some of the most beloved sorts of ice cream comprise just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected and served at their prime. While we can't describe you every recipe we have, we can certainly give you a chance to enjoy the exquisite taste of our ice cream.

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