The M&M’s Burst


Strawberry and cake topped with whipped cream

M&M’s + Chocolate+Whipped cream

M&M’s with Chocolate Shavings topped with whipped cream and M&M’s.

ice cream rolls, also called "stir-fried" ice cream, are like a futuristic model of coldstone creamery, wherein an ice cream mix is poured over an icy cold disc until it freezes, then it is rolled into pleasing pinwheels and doused with toppings.

  • M&M
  • Whipped Cream
  • Milk

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 the ice cream liquid base is poured onto a plate this is set to minus 10 below zero, the temperature at which smaller ice molecules are produced to make the ice cream certainly smoother and creamier. after it's unfold throughout the plate, it freezes, then receives rolled up.